SEO measures 9

This time, I would like to talk about what I forgot to describe in the past.
First of all, check the number of your own website by search word --- Free software
I think that setting up GRC is good.
Formally, it is called the search rank checking tool GRC.
Yahoo, Google, Bing etc etc up to 100th place is displayed.
This is quite useful thing, I think that free software is enough.
And there are things you notice when you raise the search ranking, it is a web site of wikipedia or a public agency.
In order to surpass these public agencies' websites, a considerable number of pages and, even if the number of pages is at least
Array of tags of the page itself, the number of installations and the number of pages of blogs, and then depending on the age of the website
It can exceed the ranking of the official website.
Another useful thing is EmEditor, for example, when you see a web site with the highest search ranking,
right click and source display is attached, but the source itself is displayed, however,
I do not know until the website error.
Of course, when uploading a website, if you are uploading after correcting the error
As you can imagine, when using this EmEditor, there are times when the error is found in the red text.
By doing this, you can find the correction part of the error page,besides ,It is so useful software.
On the page of the person who operates the shopping site, using putting in a shopping basket
As described above, the number of installed tags will increase,that means that the rank will rise in proportion to that.
Also, I think that it is better to set up an inquiry page,
because CGI sends counter, chat, bulletin board, questionnaire, form etc. to the server and returns the result.
For example, if you enter your name, question, etc. in the inquiry form, instantly
It transmits,and you can see the information such as the mail address of the other party you sent.
I think that it is better to use this in SEO countermeasures, but in my opinion, unless absolutely installed,
It is not something that will not.
By doing things like the above, the search rank will be raised, I will speak many times, but increase the number of blogs
It is most important to link it to the website.
From next time, I will change the blog title.