About Soho Tokutomi

A continuation of the previous story, when Soho Tokutomi
was enrolled at Doshisha, he was withdrawn from a student disturbance
and dropped out Doshisha English School just before graduation.
After that, he had joined Kumamoto Correspondence Company in my hometown
and participated in the Free Civil Rights Movement.
In particular, in the case of common-wealth,
it is an idea that we will achieve the modernization of Japan
with the power of a social businessman, aiming at realization.
This is about Meiji 14, but in this era ,
they whom were young student,
were also considering future Japan from Miyanojo in Kagoshima Prefecture to Ohe Gijyuku,
they were a junior high school student.
In the background of the era of the Meiji era in the Kagoshima prefecture after the end of the war Southwest not to change the society by using force
It is a time when the free civil rights movement to change society in the speech was beginning to flourish.
It will continue to the next.

Toyomizu (Yutaka)