Happy new year.

I would like to describe something different from the contents of my blog so far from this year

It is related to Mr. Soho Tokutomi who survived From January 25th, 3rd year of Bunkyu in the Edo era until November 2nd, Showa 32.

He is such a historian and thinker as it appears in the Guinness Book of Guides.

Mr. Tokutomi is a person who gathered literature at the time and wrote books.

Mr. Tokutomi goes back to the history of Japan, to know Japan at the end of Mr.Nobunaga Oda period, to know Meiji period ,at Southwest War.

, 100 volumes of books with hundreds of pages up written.

It is our first time in Japanese modern history.

There are so many books which are written outside, but the representative thing is the history of the Japanese citizens of the early modern era,and

Shisho, Gokyo, Saden, Shiki, , History of the old china, Japanese History, Japanese
history by the private sector, Tang-song bajia-wen, Tōng jiàn gāng mù,etc.

That thing is being respected by past and present writers, it is a book that matches the book written by Mr. Tokutomi as a theme.

Mr. Tokutomi is a person who studied under Mr.Shonan Yokoi of Ten great people at Ishin Meiji,

who also enrolled at Kumamoto Hiroshima School and who am also participating in the Kumamoto band later,

After that, he had went to Doshisha University and joined the Liberal Democratic Campaign, he hadreturned to my parents' home in Kumamoto and lectured at Oei Gaku,

lectures on English school, history, political science and economics ,who is a person who tried to enlighten youth.

Today, this time, I will continue to make matters related to Mr. Tokutomi the subject next time.