SEO measures 8

For this time, I would like to describe the issues of links and links.
External links are effective for linked links.
Indeed, blogs etc. are typical examples, and now by sending SNS etc. and linking,
Even so, the effect on SEO comes out.

In the case of a link, it is good to do it on the page out of the index page, but on the same page
I think that it is better to avoid links, because it is difficult for links and links on the same page to be too close.

If you do this, the search rank will rise.
It is to create a web page that is easy to see. This is somewhat difficult.
There are various ways to put a timetable, place a weather forecast, but the most effective one comes out
That is to put videos.
The one that matches the purpose of the web page is also the best.
After that, if it is a shop page, the page that puts it in the shopping basket will also be effective.
Creating shopping basket pages has the most tags, and I think that it is difficult to create,
If you are going to shop page, I think that the effect is great.

I forgot to write at the very beginning, that is to register the site on google, yahoo.
This is also because it searches websites to be recognized by the search site, which is effective for increasing the search ranking
It is.

Next time I will remember what I forgot to describe.